Best gadgets to help you stay healthy in the new year

Gene Selby

Table of Contents Best for: When on the move Best for: Improving your health over time Best for: Reducing stress levels Best for: Making work from home more comfortable Best for: Measuring sleep and activity, with style Best for: Tackling those aching muscles Best for: Tackling sleep problems Best for: […]

This year has placed a spotlight on our medical systems and personal health. 

As we plunge into a second wave and continue to endure the social and economic damage the coronavirus pandemic has wrought, it is more important than ever that we remember to take the best care of ourselves that we can — both physically and mentally. 

COVID-19 is now spreading at the same time as the typical cold and flu season, and with respiratory illnesses making the rounds over the winter months, the prospect of a tough period ahead of us means that staying healthy goes beyond physical fitness — we need to try and keep on top of our sleep patterns and stress levels, too. 

Below, we have compiled a list of gadgets and tech products that may help you monitor or improve your health over the coming months. 

Best for: When on the move


Face coverings are likely to be a common sight for some time to come — and while important for health reasons, can be an irritation when it comes to music or communication. Maskfone has overcome this by developing a face mask with built-in earbuds, cable clips, and control buttons, allowing users to keep their masks on while listening to music or answering their smartphone. 

$49 at MaskFone

Best for: Improving your health over time


The Fitbit Charge 4 can provide a variety of functions to keep an eye not just on your fitness, but your overall well-being. The smartwatch sports an activity tracker, sleep monitor, and heart rate tracker, and is also swim-resistant. 

$141 at Amazon

Best for: Reducing stress levels


In order to stay healthy, especially in times of a pandemic and isolation, we should also make sure we try and keep our minds healthy, too. Yoga and meditation can be practiced by anyone, anywhere, and in the latter case, the Muse 2 uses sensors and data analysis to help you improve your daily practice. 

$249 at Amazon

Best for: Making work from home more comfortable


Kensington’s CoolView Wellness monitor stand and desk fan is worth considering now so many of us are working from home. It’s important to be as comfortable as possible in your home office, and this stand encourages you to maintain an elevated posture — a benefit to your neck, shoulders, and back — and also includes a desk fan. 

$55 at Amazon

Best for: Measuring sleep and activity, with style


The Oura Heritage is another wellness tracker but one designed with style and fashion in mind. The titanium ring, available in three colors, is imbued with sensors to track the wearer’s resting heart rate, activity levels, calories burned, and temperature. 

$299 at Oura

Best for: Tackling those aching muscles


Staying healthy demands that we take care of our bodies and this includes our muscles, too. If you’re suffering from tired, aching muscles or pain, Firebox’s massage gun — offering six different intensity modes — can help. 

$70 at Firebox

Best for: Tackling sleep problems


The HoMedics White Noise sound machine could be an excellent purchase for anyone who has trouble sleeping at night. You can pick from White Noise, Thunder, Ocean, Rain, Summer Night, and Brook sound selections to help you drift off and block out any environmental noises. 

$21 at Amazon

Best for: A relaxing moment to yourself


We can all do with a moment to ourselves every now and again, and over 2020, it’s fine to feel more worn-out and tired than usual. An accessory that can be used in standard baths is the SereneLife electric bathtub massage mat, which transforms your bath into a spa with bubbles and heat. We might not be able to visit the traditional spa at the moment, but this gadget works as a stress-relieving substitute. 

$109 at Amazon

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